Stuck in a rut with diet + exercise?

I’ve been there.

And I can guide you out of it.

I liberate people from the life of strict diets and directionless workout routines with simple, time-proven strategies.

I can show you how to get results, and then sustain them effortlessly.

I can help you to enjoy eating healthy food and exercising… so much so that you’ll start to crave them.

I can help you feel empowered, energised, and more in control of your body + mind.

We build up this momentum through positive experiences.

Through winning.

Not pain, suffering and willpower.

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Hi, i’m Ben

I never used to be the fit, strong, lean, & healthy type.

I was actually the opposite.

Over the last 10 years, I have managed to dig myself out of that hole.

And I want to help others do the same.

I can show you how easy it can be to look, feel and perform at your best… or something close to it… in the simplest ways possible.

No hoping, nor praying - just efficient, flexible solutions, tailored to you and your goals.


+ formal study

-Bachelors degrees in Business Management (IB), and Arts (French, Spanish) from the University of Queensland
-Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach (ASCA)
-Certificates 3 + 4 in Fitness (Fitness Australia)
-Dietary consultant (IICM)

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Over many years I had struggled to get my weight and feeling of general wellbeing to a level that I felt happy with. Recently being diagnosed as pre-diabetic I felt overwhelmed with how to achieve the doctor’s directive to lose weight and in particular to reduce my waist size. Ben was wiling to mentor me and with his guidance I have achieved a reduction in weight and size that I’m really happy with. Ben taught me about nutrition and the importance of reducing stress. He provided me with easy healthy eating tips and effective daily exercises to suit my age, current level of fitness and lifestyle. Through his ‘whole person’ approach, patient encouragement and never making me feel guilty if I got off track, I have been able to make the changes needed. Most importantly I now feel empowered to maintain this new healthy lifestyle without any sense of stress to do so.
— Helen (58 yrs)

Mike loses 6cm and 6kg in four months

mike results.png

Mitch loses 4 belt sizes in 6 months

This is a dear friend of mine @mitchmechigian. As you can tell, he’s doing pretty damn good.
We linked up last year, roughly 5 months ago. He was already in decent shape, and quite active in the gym. But he wanted to shake things up a bit.
My friend here works in a very time-intense, and highly-stressful profession - Investment Banking. As a coach, this is very far from the ideal situation.
So I knew he needed simple solutions. Ones that were actually possible to implement, given both the hectic schedule, and already high-stress load.
I started him off on a basic strength and conditioning program, per below.
- Strength training, split between upper body, lower body and core (3 days per week).
- Recovery / active mobility (2 days per week)
- Cardiovascular conditioning, via interval sprints on the bike (2 days per week).
Each session takes no more than 45-minutes, start to finish. He says he can easily slot the above into an 80+ hour workweek.
I also offered him some basic nutrition concepts. I personally cook roughly 40% of his meals.
We have also made an effort to get better sleep, and manage stress in various ways.
He sticks to everything I say about 70% of the time (being generous here, mate 😉).
And yet, despite this imperfectability, due to the far-less-than-ideal work/life situation, the positive trend is undeniable. He’s clearly getting a great return on his investment and will soon need more than a new belt.
I’m really happy for him. I think he’s doing great. So thanks for the opportunity, mate, i’ve learnt a lot.
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You need not be perfect. 
You just need a good process.
And to be consistent.
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The time for action is now. It is never too late to do something.
— Antoine de Saint-Exupery