On building muscle and burning body fat

Some people say you can’t do both at once.

Some people suggest that you should gorge your way big (aka fat), then starve yourself skinny (and pray to baby Jesus that there’ll be some muscle and bone still left behind).

Some people think their family genetics have destined them to remain fat forever (this was me).

And women, in particular, seem to think that they’re going to get ‘bulky’ from doing a few push-ups.

If only building muscle were that easy.

It’s not that easy.

And neither is fat loss.

Most of us fuck it up.

So, for foreseeable future, I’ll be writing about how to burn fat and build muscle… In the most efficient, effective, practical ways that I know… With the least amount of pain, suffering and willpower-driven masochism.

There is a lot of low-hanging fruit to be had.

I hope you’re hungry.