Do you eat food, or calories?

I tried for years to get around this one.

I don’t believe it’s possible.

What’s more, it’s really unhelpful over the long-term.

If you want to build muscle and burn body fat, here is a simple concept to follow.

Eat REAL food.

By REAL food, I mean stuff from the land or ocean.

Not from Nestlé.

Proper nutrition comes from animals, fungi and plants that have been cared for whilst alive, and minimally-processed en route to your plate.

From factories we get lifeless calories.

Calories fortified with vitamins.

They took the nutrition out, so they have to inject it back in.

‘Food-like substances’ as my man Michael Pollan says.

Why does it make a difference, you say?

Because building muscle and burning body fat doesn’t boil down to calories.

It’s not the big domino.

The big domino is to eat REAL food.

Only AFTER we do that should we even THINK about looking at macros, calories, and other specific tactics.

These details mean little if your strategy isn’t to prioritise eating real food.

So set yourself up with a winning strategy to build muscle and burn body fat.

Eat REAL food.

If you implement this for long enough, a lot of things might start falling into place on their own.