So, you can’t get away with eating some foods that others can?

That sucks. I’m truly sorry.

And I can’t even really help you with the details.

But you CAN fix it, and I know of a man who DOES know all the details.

His name is Dr Michael Ruscio, someone I came across via Robb Wolf. In Dr Ruscio’s book, Healthy Gut, Healthy You, he has an 8-step protocol that helped my partner virtually eliminate acid reflux and other gut-related issues from her life, despite not following a perfect diet. Sometimes it’s strict, most of the time, it’s not. You should expect pretty incredible results within the space of a year.

There are some great insights in this book, and the solution is presented in in simple, practical steps, so if you’re into doing this sort of thing on your own, it’s perfect.

If you’re serious about trying this, but you need a helping hand, they can also coach you through the process.