Struggling to lose weight (and keep it off)?

I’ve been there. It sucks.

Below is a picture of me taken after I had already dropped 16kg in excess body weight.

I did okay for a while with the usual diet and exercise ideas.

But the last part was the hardest.

I got stuck.


Do I look unhappy or what!?

Do I look unhappy or what!?

What I had been doing - in order to lose the weight and keep it off - stopped working

I hit a plateau and I couldn’t get past it.

I remember being confused.

I thought I was doing all the right things.

  • Cardio

  • HIIT

  • Weight training

  • Counting calories

  • Multiple small meals a day + protein shakes

  • Low-fat everything

  • Green smoothies

While I was strong and fit, I wasn’t lean, and I couldn’t see my abs.

I was constantly hungry, sore, exhausted, & emotionally drained.

I really wanted that lean, sexy and toned look (+ feeling)

So I started questioning things.

After all, I hadn’t been lazy. I hadn’t been gluttonous.

I’d trained my ass off, and kept my calories low.

I was putting in A LOT of effort for VERY LITTLE returns, and I was sick of it.

Surely it couldn’t be this hard..?

In desperation, I branched outside of the mainstream

I read, listened, absorbed, and then implemented as many ideas as I could.

Some sounded crazy. Some were.

And an awful lot of them are pure bullshit.

But this is what I found to be true - for myself, and for others.

Here are SOME of the keys to sustainable weight loss

Like most people who want to lose weight, I was just focusing on diet and exercise.

I was missing A LOT of pieces to the puzzle.

I was working unnecessarily hard.

Some of the things I was doing were actively working against me.

There is a better way.


Hi - i’m Ben

After my own weight loss journey, I began helping friends to troubleshoot theirs.

Somewhere along the way I realised that I loved being a coach.

So I became one, officially.

Nowadays, my mission is to help others achieve their goals, by providing them with the best solutions we have available.

I place a high value on efficiency.

On the things that will deliver you the most bang for your buck.

Work smart, not unnecessarily hard.

So that you can enjoy your life more and suffer less.






Here are some of the benefits I want you to experience

  • Lose weight, drop excess body fat (and keep it off easily!)

  • Be more confident in your body, feel comfortable taking off your clothes

  • Eat delicious foods - feel the freedom of NOT being on a ‘diet’ - while still getting great results

  • Have the freedom to choose to indulge without worrying about it

  • Eliminate food cravings, reduce dependency on snacks

  • Get stronger and fitter, while improving your mobility + flexibility.

  • Reduce bodily aches and pains, and reduce your risk of injury

  • Improve general health + wellbeing

  • Wake up every day with more energy, feeling well rested and ready to go

  • Be clear-headed and less stressed in general

    I could go on, but you probably won’t believe me.

    Take it from one of my previous clients.

Meet Mike

mike results.png

Hear from Raquel

Keen to get started?

Here’s what I can offer you.


I currently have capacity to take on FIVE new clients.

First come, first served.


What if I don’t see results?

Following the first FOUR (4) weeks, you may cancel at any time.

I don’t want your money if it’s not working for you.

No hidden fees, or cancellation costs.



The time for action is now. It is never too late to do something.
— Antoine de Saint-Exupery