Proposal for Sydney Abel

Please read through and verify the below, per our phone call last week.



This program is a bodyweight / gymnastics-style strength and mobility routine.

Our main goal is to build a deeper foundation of full-body strength, mobility & flexibility.

Programming (sets/reps) will be tailored to suit individual needs, and adjusted on a weekly basis, per individual feedback.

Specific goals

To strengthen and mobilise the core, hip, gluteus, quadriceps, and lower limb musculature, per feedback from physical therapy notes.


Program is scheduled to run over 12 weeks, beginning Monday, 05-08-2019.

Session length will vary ~ from 15-45 minutes.

Metrics of success

Upon completion of the 12-week program, I suggest that we use the same pain/difficulty scale as used in your physical therapy notes to determine the impact.


Total number of sessions to complete each week is FIVE (3 x strength, 2 x active mobility).

Total sessions required to complete program is 60 (36 x strength, 24 x active mobility).

You must make yourself available for weekly (15-20 minute) debriefs via phone/video call.


Payment(s) are to be arranged by the proposed start date - Monday, 05-08-2019.

Option 1 - Payment in full (12 weeks, upfront) = $324.00 USD*


Option 2 - Weekly payments = $27.00 USD

Via direct bank transfer.

*If program needs extending, due to scheduling difficulties (illness, missed sessions etc.), weekly payments will be arranged thereafter.

Sydney - if you’re happy with the above, please complete these TWO forms.

If you have any questions, get in touch via WhatsApp.