program details


  1. Full-body, functional strength
  2. Address common problem areas / weak spots
  3. Increase metabolism via increase in lean mass

Frequency and duration

  • Once per week
  • Roughly 30-45 minutes

how to read this program

Work through exercise for each group (designated by letter) before moving to the next group.

Example using group A

Perform exercise A1, immediately followed by A2, then by A3.
Once A1-A3 has been completed, rest as needed, but take no longer than 60s.
Now repeat A1 - A3 for a total of 3 sets.

exercises // sets & reps

A1. Side plank x 20s hold, per side
A2. Bent HBH x 20s hold
A3. Cat-cow x 5 reps

B1. Inverted row x 15
B2. Back stretch x 15s

C1. Push-up x 15
C2. Table x 10

D1. Donkey kick x 10, per side
D2. Squat x 20

E1. Straight calf raise x 20
E2. Rear lunge x 15, per side

Perform 3 sets in total.

If you have problems completing the above sets/reps, please provide feedback with the form provided below.

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D

Group E

Program feedback / troubleshooting