3 months of coaching for over 40s


What’s included?

Helen’s experience so far

“Over many years I had struggled to get my weight and feeling of general wellbeing to a level that I felt happy with. Recently, being diagnosed as pre-diabetic, I felt overwhelmed with how to achieve the doctor’s directive to lose weight, and in particular, to reduce my waist size. Ben was willing to mentor me, and with his guidance, I have achieved a reduction in weight and size that I’m really happy with… Most importantly, I now feel empowered to maintain this new healthy lifestyle without any sense of stress to do so.”

— Helen (58 yrs)


Hi - i’m Ben

I’ll be your coach.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.


Q&A: Why is there such importance placed on physical activity, and the foods I eat?

Movement is essential to your health, so we have to do something.

The first piece to the movement puzzle is resistance, or strength training. This means using your musculature regularly - that’s how you maintain it! Resistance training causes the body to produce anti-aging hormones, like Human Growth Hormone, which helps you to avoid things like Sarcopenia (muscle wasting), and Osteoporosis (fragile bones).


In other words, it’s what keeps you young.

You don’t actually need anything to start building a stronger, fitter, more mobile and flexible body. Simple calisthenics / gymnastics strength training is the most efficient way to do it. And it’s the safest.

It uses leverage, instead of compression. We build up slow and steady. That means less wear and tear. And less risk of injury. And consistency guarantees success. It’s like compound interest.

And then mostly what you need is lots of walking or general movement, like gardening, but we’ll talk about that later. Oh, and to find a form of play!


In terms of nutrition, first of all, let me interest you with the following:

I don’t like fad diets - I just ask people to eat real food ~80% of the time. The foundation of our diet should be ancestral foods. All this means is food that comes from the land or ocean, not a factory. Meat, dairy, seafood, fruits, vegetables, nuts, roots, tubers etc. Minimally processed.

And if you can stick to it 80% of the time, you’ll be groovy.

Yep, nibbles and wine can still be on the cards, folks!