nutrition-only guidance (12 weeks)

nutrition-only guidance (12 weeks)

97.00 every week

Are you confused about what and how to eat?

That was me just a few years ago. I know how it feels.

You just want a diet that works forever. Something that’s no fuss, flexible, and inexpensive.

A diet that protects your health as well as getting you the body you want.

Look, truth be told, if you wanted to learn what works when it comes to diet, you’d normally be shit out of luck.

From the old government on down we are being sold ideas that aren’t based on good science.

  • Move more, eat less (especially red meat),

  • Eat mostly whole grains

  • Eat as much fruit as you like

None of that is very helpful advice.

Especially to people who are overweight.

Levels of obesity and chronic disease continue to rise.

And most of us are just along for the ride.

But not you. Not today.

You can get out ahead of the curve.

It’ll be 10 years before this is common knowledge.

My name is Ben, and I can also show you how to;

  • lose excess body weight,

  • reduce body fat,

  • reduce and eventually eliminate cravings,

  • improve cognition,

  • reduce lethargy and after-meal crashes,

  • and more - just by changing your diet.

All the while, still eating delicious foods.

I wish I knew this when I started dieting and exercising all those years ago…


30-minute check-ins, weekly, via phone call or Skype ($100 value)

Day to day support via Email, Messenger or WhatsApp (very helpful)

And here are the essential resources you will receive access to;

  • Big picture concept, guidelines and other rules to follow (essential)

  • Tips for eating out (essential)

  • Recipes (optional)

  • Food lists (optional)

  • Example meal plans (useful)

  • Recommendations for snacks and other meals (essential)

  • Recommendations around meal timing and frequency (essential)

  • Recommendations for whole-food supplements (optional - could save you a lot of expensive pee)

  • Tips for navigating social events (essential, unless you’re a hermit)

Resources valued at $1347.00 (this took me years of trial, error and research)

That’s a lot of value for $97 a week.

It’s everything you need to start feeling, looking and performing a little better, both in your body and mind.

Cancel at any time - I don’t want your money if you’re not seeing results

No sign up fees

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