road to permanent fat loss (min. 16 weeks)

road to permanent fat loss (min. 16 weeks)

97.00 every week 159.00 every week


Personalised strength & conditioning program

Valued at $250.00 / wk
(note: the average PT is worth $50-$100 per hour!)

This program is based on functional movement patterns + gymnastics strength training. This is the best way to lose excess body fat, WHILE building a functional, attractive body.

All sessions are 30-45 mins in length.
Program is
updated weekly, per feedback.

A cardiovascular conditioning routine is also included;

  • Increases endurance, power and speed

  • Maintains general health and wellbeing

  • Significantly boosts your ability to stimulate FAT LOSS, and thus, get leaner, quicker

Personalised nutrition plan

Valued at $120 / wk

  • Big-picture concepts and guidelines

  • Detailed food lists (what to eat, and what NOT to eat)

  • Example recipes

  • Example weekly meal plans

  • Recommendations for snacks and in-between meals

  • Recommendations around meal timing and frequency

  • Recommendations for whole food supplements

Practical steps for optimising your lifestyle and environment

Valued at $120 / wk

  • How to improve your sleep quality for better results (this is HUGE for fat loss)

  • How to increase your level of general movement throughout the course of the day to further promote fat burning

  • How to recover faster from your training so you can feel better

  • How to reduce, and manage stress effectively

  • How to bolster your immune system so that you can maintain consistency

  • How to navigate social events without going ‘off the bandwagon’

Weekly check-ins with your coach via phone / Skype

Valued at $100 / wk

  • Also includes daily support via Facebook Messenger / WhatsApp

It’s everything you need to start losing weight without the struggle.


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