3 months of coaching for over 40s

3 months of coaching for over 40s

49.00 every week for 12 weeks

Bolster your health and wellbeing with this tailored program.

Maintain a healthy weight with simple nutrition strategies that allow you to enjoy some wine and nibbles on the weekends.

Work on maintaining your strength, mobility, coordination and more via simple bodyweight movements.

Reduce bodily aches and pains, improve fitness and stay active well into your grand-parent years.

  • 12-week movement plan, including strength and active mobility drills, a cardiovascular prescription, and more, depending on your needs.

  • Simplified guide to ancestral nutrition principles

  • 5-rule framework to help you make better decisions

  • Food lists to help you when shopping

  • Recipes to get you started

  • Advice on how to optimise lifestyle and environmental factors that can be a major source of stress if unnadressed

  • Weekly calls to keep you accountable, give you a chance to ask questions, to debrief, and also strategise for the week ahead