Looks at technique. Functional movement. Very professional. Definitely has clients at heart.
— Steven (38 yrs)
Ben provides insight into how the body will respond to training and provides advice on how best to adopt small changes incrementally to get the best out of training and improve overall well-being.
— Samantha (41)
I’ve known Ben for more than 10 years, and have witnessed his odyssey from not caring about his health to it becoming the focus of his life. His personal transformation, in addition to his calm yet persistent guidance, has helped me tremendously with three problems that have been beyond my capacity to deal with on my own. First, the sheer amount of conflicting health information on the internet is exhausting. Second, seeing perfect bodies in advertising and on social media always got me down and I never knew where to start in order to feel better and more in tune with my body. Third, learning about chronic health conditions in my nursing degree, and seeing some of them claim the vitality of family members, has been scary. Ben alleviates my worry and lack of knowledge in these areas. The thousands of hours he’s put into understanding health, nutrition, and exercise science really comes across in his simple explanations and rationales. Most importantly, as a result of Ben’s consistent presence in my life I’ve eaten better, exercised more effectively, and have control of my health and its future. I couldn’t have done it without him.
— Sam (29 yrs)
Ben listens to my personal goals. He goes an extra level to show he is really invested in my personal progress. He is motivating and develops good programs specifically designed for my fitness level. He is really friendly and always makes me feel comfortable.
— Maddy (21 yrs)
Over many years I had struggled to get my weight and feeling of general wellbeing to a level that I felt happy with. Recently being diagnosed as pre-diabetic I felt overwhelmed with how to achieve the doctor’s directive to lose weight and in particular to reduce my waist size. Ben was wiling to mentor me and with his guidance I have achieved a reduction in weight and size that I’m really happy with. Ben taught me about nutrition and the importance of reducing stress. He provided me with easy healthy eating tips and effective daily exercises to suit my age, current level of fitness and lifestyle. Through his ‘whole person’ approach, patient encouragement and never making me feel guilty if I got off track, I have been able to make the changes needed. Most importantly I now feel empowered to maintain this new healthy lifestyle without any sense of stress to do so.
— Helen (58 yrs)

Ben is supportive and explains the activities and related eating habits clearly.
— S. Davy (42 yrs)

Ben knows when to push you for one more set and recognises when you’re actually at your limit. Tailors the session around current injuries and works to meet your goals.
— Al (32)

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